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39 years ago

Tadashi Mihara vs Davey Moore

Tadashi Mihara vs Davey Moore

Date: 2nd February 1982

Venue: Metropolitan Gym, Tokyo, Japan

Title: WBA World Super-welterweight Title

Promoted by: Shin Nihon Saito Promotions

Tv: NBC Sportsworld

Tadashi Mihara
( 15 - 0 - 0 )
Weight: 153 3/4 lbs

Davey Moore
( 8 - 0 - 0 )
Weight: 152 3/4 lbs

23-year-old New Yorker Davey Moore made the trip to the Metropolitan Gym in Tokyo, Japan in only his 9th professional fight to face WBA world super-welterweight champion Tadashi Mihara who was defending the title for the first time. Mihara had won the title in a vacant title match against another New Yorker, Rocky Fratto three months earlier.

Moore knocked down the champion once in the 5th and three times in the 6th. After the last knockdown referee, Carlos Berrocal stopped the fight without counting due to the three knockdown rule being in effect.

Moore went on to defend the title three times in high-level title bouts before running into a red-hot Roberto Duran in June 1983 at Madison Square Garden.

Tadashi Mihara vs Davey Moore


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