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14 years ago

Paul Williams vs Sergio Martinez

Paul Williams vs Sergio Martinez

Date: 5th December 2009

Venue: Boardwalk Hall, Atlantic City, New Jersey

Title: 12 Round Middleweight Bout

Promoter: Goossen Boxing

Tv: HBO World Championship Boxing

Paul Williams
( 37 - 1 - 0 )
Weight: 157 lbs

Sergio Martinez
( 44 - 1 - 2 )
Weight: 159 lbs

On Saturday, 5th December 2009, the highly anticipated match between Paul Williams and Sergio Martinez took place at the Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City. This 12-round middleweight bout was promoted by Goossen Boxing and featured on HBO World Championship Boxing. Williams, with a record of 37-1-0 and hailing from Aiken, South Carolina, faced off against Martinez, boasting a record of 44-1-2 and residing in Quilmes, Argentina.

Both fighters demonstrated impressive skills. In the first round, Martinez knocked Williams down, but Williams quickly retaliated by knocking Martinez down as well. The intensity continued to build as the rounds progressed, with both fighters giving their all in the ring.

In the final round, both fighters produced impressive punch stats. Williams unleashed a staggering 102 punches, while Martinez fired 68. However, Martinez's precision outshone Williams's prolific output, as the Argentine displayed superior accuracy.

Despite Martinez's impressive performance, it was ultimately Paul Williams who emerged victorious by majority decision. The final judges' scores for the fight were 115-113, 119-110, and 114-114. Williams's win was a testament to his resilience and fortitude, as he managed to overcome the early setback of being knocked down in the first round.

At the time of the match, both fighters were at the peak of their careers, with Williams weighing in at 157 lbs and Martinez at 159 lbs.

Paul Williams vs Sergio Martinez on YouTube

Paul Williams vs Sergio Martinez

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