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54 years ago

Muhammad Ali vs Cleveland Williams

Muhammad Ali vs Cleveland Williams

Date: 14th November 1966

Venue: Astrodome, Houston, Texas, USA

Title: WBC World Heavyweight Title

Promoted by: Earl Gilliam

Tv: Closed Circuit Television

Muhammad Ali
( 26 - 0 - 0 )
Weight: 212 3/4 lbs

Cleveland Williams
( 67 - 5 - 1 )
Weight: 210 1/2 lbs

Ali defended his WBC World Heavyweight Title in the USA for the first time in a year when he faced Cleveland 'Big Cat' Williams at The Astrodome, in Houston, Texas.

Ali picked apart the bigger and slower Williams, flooring him three times in the 2nd round and once more in the 3rd. Referee Harry Kessler jumped in to save a battered Williams at 1:08 of the third.

Many considered this one of Ali's greatest performances due to William's reputation as one of boxing's most powerful heavyweight punchers.