Joshua silenced by Big Mouth Miller

Joshua and “Big Baby” Miller get to it in New York

IBF, WBA and WBO Heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua seemed genuinely riled by Brooklyn’s Jarrell “Big Baby” Miller at their New York press conference ahead of their June 1st bout at Madison Square Garden.

The shove that Miller started the presser with didn’t seem to get to AJ in the slightest but the constant talking over Joshua’s attempted street jibe certainly did. Promoter Hearn must love having Miller in the other corner, he’s selling the show all by himself and let’s face it AJ is never going to be a great trash talker, he’s too much of a nice guy. If Miller thinks for a single moment that any of this is going to unhinge Joshua then he has another thing coming. The fact that separates these two juggernauts is their experience. Joshua will be taking part in his 8th World title fight come June 1st. Miller has never fought let alone beaten a contender of the quality of Wladimir Klitchsko, Alexander Povetkin, Joseph Parker or the current WBC mandatory contender Dominic Breazeale in his 24 fight career.

Miller knows his best chance is to get under AJ’s skin in the build-up and then hold his nerve and go for the knockout in the first half of the bout come fight time. If AJ gets into his boxing, he is capable of working “Big Baby” over with the jab and big right hand and knocking him out when he’s worn his man down. The gulf in class and experience will be too much on this occasion. Miller may outweigh Joshua but he does not possess the speed of foot or hand to keep up with Joshua as long as he has his emotions in hand. A calm and composed Joshua could score a spectacular KO at New York’s home of boxing.

Miller’s toughest fight was with Gerald Washington

Miller is the sort of character that is good for boxing. Half the fans will loath his arrogant attitude and the other half will love his grizzly street gangster talk. Its never going to be boring while he’s around. He can fight a bit too. I’m sure he would not come through bouts with the likes of the aforementioned Klitchsko, Povetkin or Parker, they have too much talent, stamina and punching power to fall prey to “Big Baby’s” constant pressure style, but against the next level of Heavyweights, he could cause some big noises. Miller is one up on Joshua after the New York presser and maybe Joshua should take a leaf out of Manny Pacquiao’s book, he is after all well-liked because of his natural demeanour much like the Pac-man. Just sit back and let your opponent sell the show for you. Just smile and nod your head every now and then and be the nice British bloke you are. Watford must have its tough spots but Brooklyn kicks out guys like Mike Tyson and Riddick Bowe and Shannon Briggs to name just three like a conveyor belt.

Despite my feeling that Miller could lose spectacularly to AJ, I’m really looking forward to the rest of the build-up and the night itself. I can’t see Miller not making it exciting while it lasts.

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