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91 years ago

Panama Al Brown vs Johnny Erickson

Panama Al Brown vs Johnny Erickson

Date: 8th February 1930

Venue: Olympia Boxing Club, New York, USA

Title: NBA and NYSAC World Bantamweight Titles

Panama Al Brown
( 61 - 8 - 6 )
Weight: 116 1/2 lbs

Johnny Erickson
( 24 - 21 - 8 )
Weight: 117 lbs

Erickson soon found out how slick Panama Al was and reverted to foul tactics after the champion had built up a big lead.

In the fourth round, Erickson who was born in Sicily but lived in Brooklyn, New York floored the champion with a low blow. When Brown arose to commence battle, the challenger hit him low once more and Panama Al hit the canvas. Referee Jack Dorman disqualified the challenger who had his purse suspended.

The time of the disqualification was 2:40 of the 4th round.


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