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33 years ago

Mike Tyson vs Pinklon Thomas

Mike Tyson vs Pinklon Thomas

Date: 30th May 1987

Venue: Las Vegas Hilton, Outdoor Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Title: WBC & WBA World Heavyweight Titles

Promoted by: Don King Productions


Mike Tyson
( 29 - 0 - 0 )
Weight: 218 3/4 lbs

Pinklon Thomas
( 29 - 1 - 1 )
Weight: 217 3/4 lbs

Part of HBO's heavyweight unification series, Tyson vs Thomas represented Tyson's second defence of the WBC belt he won from Trevor Berbick and the first defence of the WBA trinket he won from 'Bonecrusher' Smith two months earlier.

The pair met in front of a 12,706 crowd at The Las Vegas Hilton, Outdoor Arena in Las Vegas and Thomas appeared to have decided to copy 'Bonecrusher' Smith's ideology that it is better to smoother the 20-year-old Tyson's work up close than trade with the powerful youngster. This led to another non-fan-friendly affair that Tyson could have done without.

Thankfully for the fans, Tyson found the finishing sequence in the 6th round, a right hook to the body, followed with a fast right uppercut that scrambled Thomas's senses, followed by a powerful left hook to the head that put the former WBC champion on his back. As referee Carlos Padilla tolled nine, Thomas's chief second, Angelo Dundee, entered the ring to call the fight off. Padilla reached the count of ten at 2:00 of the round.

"I knew it was not going to last," Tyson said. "He didn't have anything for me."

Tyson is now 30-0 with 27 knockouts