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88 years ago

Maxie Rosenbloom vs Joe Knight

Maxie Rosenbloom vs Joe Knight

Date: 5th February 1934

Venue: Madison Square Garden Stadium, Miami, Florida, USA

Title: World Light-heavyweight Title

Promoter: None

Maxie Rosenbloom
( 173 - 34 - 20 )
Weight: 174 lbs

Joe Knight
( 87 - 13 - 12 )
Weight: 173 lbs

A crowd of 23,00 in the open-air Madison Square Garden Stadium in Miami, Florida came to see World light-heavyweight champion 'Slapsie Maxie' Max Rosenbloom (173-34-20) defend his title against Joe Knight (87-13-12) from Cairo, Georgia.

Renowned for his exceptional defensive skills, Rosenbloom was a hugely popular fighter and respected by his peers. Cus D'Mata, the future trainer of heavyweight greats Floyd Patterson and Mike Tyson among others, once said of the New Yorker "Rosenbloom was probably the cleverest fighter I've ever seen, defensively. You just couldn't hit the man."

In Joe Knight, Rosenberg met his match on this night and the judges couldn't separate them, scoring their contest a 15 round draw.

Scores: Harry Graham 75-75 | Bernie Latham 76-74 | Sam Roberts 75-75.

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