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28 years ago

Lennox Lewis vs Donovan Ruddock

Lennox Lewis vs Donovan Ruddock

Date: 31st October 1992

Venue: Earls Court Exhibition Hall, Kensington, London, United Kingdom

Title: WBC World Heavyweight Title Eliminator

Promoted by: Champion Enterprises, M&M Sports, Main Events

Tv: Sky Sports Boxing

Lennox Lewis
( 21 - 0 - 0 )
Weight: 227 lbs

Donovan Ruddock
( 27 - 3 - 1 )
Weight: 231 1/2 lbs

WBC No1 contender Donovon 'Razor'  Ruddock travelled from Ontario, Canada to London to face WBC No2 Lewis at Earls Court Exhibition Hall in Kensington, London in a final eliminator for the title held by Riddick Bowe.

Ruddock had two controversial losses to Mike Tyson plus stoppage wins over contenders Greg Page and Phil Jackson behind him so, came into the Lewis fight as a 2/1 favourite.

Lewis jumped on Ruddock from the start and had him on the canvas for counts once in the 1st round and twice in the 2nd, leaving referee Joe Cortez with no other option but to call a halt at 0:46 of the round.

On December 14, 1992, Riddick Bowe dumped his WBC title into a garbage can. "If Lewis wants the belt, he has to get it out of the garbage," Bowe said.

The WBC then declared Lennox Lewis the new WBC heavyweight champion.

Lennox Lewis vs Donovan Ruddock