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Jack Dempsey vs Bill Brennan

Jack Dempsey vs Bill Brennan

Date: 14th December 1920

Venue: Madison Square Garden, New York

Title: World Heavyweight Title

Promoter: Tex Rickard

Tv: Cinematic Film

Jack Dempsey
( 53 - 4 - 9 )
Weight: 188ΒΌ lbs

Bill Brennan
( 60 - 13 - 8 )
Weight: 197 lbs

A World Heavyweight title fight took place on Tuesday 14th December 1920 at Madison Square Garden, New York, the second defense of the world title by the reigning champion, Jack Dempsey, against his opponent, Bill Brennan. The match was officiated by referee Johnny Haukop and promoted by Tex Rickard, drawing an estimated crowd of 13,000 spectators.

Despite Brennan's heavier weight of 197 lbs compared to Dempsey's 188¼ lbs, the champion had the heavier fists. Brennan, a formidable fighter from Chicago with a record of 60-13-8, was no pushover, but the Manassa, Colorado-born Dempsey, with a record of 53-4-9, proved to be Brennan's master in nearly every stage of the bout.

The fight saw an electrifying second round where Brennan's uppercuts badly hurt the defending champion. However, Dempsey, nicknamed the "Manassa Mauler," managed to recover swiftly and took the fight back to Brennan. Dempsey retaliated with a series of body blows that ultimately took a toll on his adversary.

In the climactic 12th round, Brennan found himself on the receiving end of a heavy assault from Dempsey. Despite his spirited effort, Brennan fell victim to Dempsey's relentless offense and was knocked out at 1:57 into the round. Brennan protested the knockout count, but referee Johnny Haukop stood by his decision, marking the end of a thrilling match.

Dempsey took home $100,000 for his victorious performance, while Brennan earned $35,000. Both fighters also received a share of the earnings from the moving pictures that captured the match. However, the live gate revenue of $145,935 and the overall cost of the fights on the card costing $147,000 resulted in a financial loss for promoter Tex Rickard.

Despite some allegations that Dempsey had won by a rabbit punch, the outcome of the match stood, affirming Dempsey's victory by knockout.

On June 15, 1924, Bill Brennan was shot to death by two "street thugs" in New York City, he was 30 years of age.

Jack Dempsey vs Bill Brennan on YouTube

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