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Archie Moore vs Giulio Rinaldi

Archie Moore vs Giulio Rinaldi

Date: 10th June 1961

Venue: Madison Square Garden, New York

Title: NYSAC World Light-heavyweight Title

Archie Moore
( 181 - 22 - 9 )
Weight: 174½ lbs

Giulio Rinaldi
( 25 - 5 - 0 )
Weight: 173¾ lbs

Madison Square Garden in New York was abuzz on the night of June 10, 1961, as boxing enthusiasts gathered to witness the highly anticipated rematch between Archie Moore and Giulio Rinaldi. The contest, billed as the New York State Athletic Commission World Light-Heavyweight Title, drew international attention. This was a chance for the legendary Archie Moore, hailing from San Diego, California, with a record of 181-22-9, to avenge his prior defeat in Rome and reassert his dominance. On the other side of the ring, the Italian sensation, Giulio Rinaldi, who resided in Anzio, Lazio, Italy, with a record of 25-5-0, was looking to solidify his place in the boxing world by defeating Moore once again.

The rematch had a certain level of intrigue, given the result of their first meeting in October 1960, where Rinaldi won in a non-title bout in Rome. Many believed that Rinaldi's victory was, to some extent, favourably judged. Moore, whose globetrotting exploits in fighting local boxers were well-known, weighed in at 174½ lbs for the rematch, while Rinaldi weighed just slightly less at 173¾ lbs.

As the fight commenced, Moore seemed to be in much better form than in their previous encounter. He was determined to make a statement and demonstrated his exceptional boxing skills with a mix of solid defense and pinpoint accuracy. On the other hand, Rinaldi tried to leverage his footwork and jab to keep Moore at bay. The Italian fighter, however, struggled to deal with Moore’s experience and adaptability.

Moore’s boxing acumen started to wear down Rinaldi as the fight progressed. The American displayed an impressive combination of punches, frequently landing on the Italian. Rinaldi was brave and attempted to rally back in the later rounds even though he fought through a bloody mask, Moore’s composure and ring generalship was simply too much to overcome.

When the final bell rang, there was little doubt as to who had won. The judges awarded the victory to Archie Moore with a unanimous decision. Ruby Goldstein, the referee, scored the bout 11-3 in favor of Moore. Judge Artie Aidala also leaned heavily towards Moore with a score of 11-4, while Judge Tony Castellano gave a slightly closer tally at 9-5.

Archie Moore vs Giulio Rinaldi on YouTube

Archie Moore vs Giulio Rinaldi

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