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Archie Moore vs Carl Olson

Archie Moore vs Carl Olson

Date: 22nd June 1955

Venue: Polo Grounds, New York

Title: World Light-heavyweight Title

Promoter: International Boxing Club

Tv: Not Known

Archie Moore
( 148 - 19 - 8 )
Weight: 175 lbs

Carl Olson
( 69 - 6 - 0 )
Weight: 170ΒΌ lbs

World light-heavyweight champion Archie Moore and middleweight champion Carl Olson met at the Polo Grounds in New York on Wednesday 22nd June 1955. This was the third title defense by Moore, and the expectations were high. Archie Moore, 38, was a seasoned fighter with a staggering record of 148-19-8, while Carl Olson, 26, came into the ring with an impressive record of 69-6-0. Despite the difference in experience, the match posed many questions of the ageing champion.

With Moore weighing in at 175 lbs and Olson at 170¼ lbs, there was not much difference in their physical attributes. Under the watchful eye of referee Ruby Goldstein, the fight began with Olson showcasing his agility and landing quick jabs and hooks, earning him the first round on points. Olson, who hailed from Honolulu, Hawaii, was trying to capitalize on his youth and speed to overcome the San Diego, California resident Moore's experience.

Moore, however, was undeterred by Olson's initial assault. In the second round, Moore’s years of experience began to shine through. He used his 8-inch reach advantage to keep Olson at bay while stinging him with hard jabs and left uppercuts. It was evident that Moore was setting the stage for a dramatic finish.

The third round marked the end for Olson. Archie Moore, as if touched by a surge of energy and determination, unleashed a flurry that Olson could not withstand. Moore landed a powerful right followed by two devastating short left hooks to Olson’s jaw. This sent Olson crashing to the canvas. Referee Goldstein reached the ten count at just 1 minute and 19 seconds of the round,

The crowd erupted into cheers for Archie Moore as he was declared the winner by knockout.

Archie Moore vs Carl Olson on YouTube

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