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112 years ago

Abe Attell vs Eddie Kelly

Abe Attell vs Eddie Kelly

Date: 4th February 1909

Venue: Southern A.C., New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Title: World Featherweight Title

Abe Attell
( 67 - 7 - 18 )
Weight: None lbs

Eddie Kelly
( 25 - 9 - 13 )
Weight: None lbs

Attell defended his world featherweight title against Kelly for the third time at the Southern Athletic Club in New Orleans. This was not the champions third world title defence, but his third against Kelley. 

Attell successfully defended his title twenty-two times between 1906–1912.

By now, Attell knew Kelley well and floored him four times in the 7th round due to a wager he had laid after stating that he would finish the fight within 8 rounds. Kelley's cornerman stopped the bout after the final knockdown.


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