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Still talking Mayweather

Posted: 06-03-2019
Author: Andy Farr

Floyd "Money" Mayweather is idolised by many and reviled by others. He is without a shadow of a doubt the most successful boxer ever, financially at least. He was a talent that would have shone in any era. He was quite simply brilliant.

At age 42, Floyd can travel to Japan and earn, and I use the term "Earn" lightly, a reported $9m purse for fighting a kid that had zero chance against him. Who else could do that? Canelo Alvarez is a Mexican superstar. If he did the same thing, he would be thrown out of his home country. He is only allowed an easy fight like his recent outing against Rocky Fielding because Fielding was in the weight above Canelo's regular 160lb division and a reigning world titleholder. It still looked way too easy for some observers, so now Canelo faces one of the best middleweights of the era in Daniel "Miracle Man" Jacobs in a unification match.

Floyd Mayweather and Tenshin Nasukawa
Floyd "Money" Mayweather and Tenshin after their awful show in Japan

Canelo's promoter Oscar De La Hoya has been banging the drum for a rematch between his man and Mayweather, claiming the fight would earn an estimated $1.5billion. Mayweather won't even consider the offer because he no longer has the tools to take on the much bigger, stronger and faster Mexican.

Why would Floyd risk his unbeaten record and legacy in a fight where he would be soundly beaten, possibly knocked out? De La Hoya estimation of $1.5billion is an attention-grabbing headline but highly overblown.

Mayweather is on record as saying he wants to fight exhibition bouts like the recent debacle against Tenshin Nasukawa at the Saitama Super Arena, Japan. If he really did walk away with anything like $9m then he would be a fool not too if the Japanese promoters are willing to keep stumping up those sort of purses.

A rematch with Filipino Manny Pacquiao is also spoken about in the press a lot at the moment. Although the first fight didn't live up to the hype, Pacquiao has performed at a higher level since recovering from a shoulder injury he took into the Mayweather fight. His knock out of Argentinian Lucus Mattysse to win the WBA regular title and his convincing win over Adrien Broner in his first defence, are the sort of performances that might convince many that the Filipino congressman can turn the tables on his old foe.

Mayweather vs Pacquiao
Mayweather vs Pacquiao was a huge let down for the fans that paid to see the "Biggest fight in the history of boxing" on PPV.

So, how much money is enough for Floyd?
He has said in the past that he's not a big believer in charity. Pacquiao, on the other hand, reminds me of Panamanian great Roberto Duran who was well known for giving away all his money to the poor when he arrived home from big fights in the USA. Manny never looks short of a few dollars when you see him. He lives in palatial homes in the Philippines and California but he regularly hands out money to those who cue up to shake his hand. Manny is idolised in the Philippines.

Just a thought but I wonder if Mayweather will be remembered long after he's a relevant boxer. The Duran's and Pacquiao's I believe will leave fond memories as well as their exploits inside the ropes, at least in their home countries. Floyd, maybe not so much.