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Sims Jnr: The top prospect in boxing?

Posted: 04-03-2019
Author: Andy Farr

 Anthony Sims Jr vs Mateo Damion Veron
 10 Round Light-heavyweight Contest
 Saturday 2nd March 2019
 East of England Arena, Peterborough
 Matchroom Boxing
 Sky Sports, DAZN

Watching Anthony Sims Jnr on TV this past Saturday Sat 2nd March 2019, it felt like I was seeing a mixture of Sugar Ray Leonard and James Toney.

Before writing this, I watched again as Sims showed super sharp punching and a defence of the highest order to score a stoppage win against Argentine Mateo Damion Veron in Peterborough, England.

Veron was taking part in his 52nd professional bout, Sims in his 18th. Now, while Veron had 20 losses coming into the Sims fight, he had some good names on his record as well. Jorge Sebastian Heiland had battled Veron on 5 occasions in their homeland. Heiland won 3, lost 1 and drew 1. Heiland went on to a 2017 final eliminator against the now WBC Interim champion Jarmall Charlo. Veron had mixed in good company. He had also been Argentine Super-Welterweight Champion back in 2012 as well as winning his last bout on the road in Denmark against Lolenga Mock (42-15-1).

Anthony Sims Jnr and Mateo Damion Veron Weigh-in
Anthony Sims Jnr and Mateo Damion Veron Weigh-in.

No one in their right mind would expect Veron to win, but the manner in which Sims executed his game plan against such an experienced opponent was nothing short of a master class.

Many fighters have a fast jab. If the jab is used as a weapon throughout an entire fight as opposed to a range finder or a punch to set up follow up shots, or even as a punch to fend off the opponent, then that fighter has a massive advantage on most. Sims possibly has the best jab in boxing right now.

Throughout the Veron bout, Sims kept a perfect distance between himself and his foe. He never smothered his work, was never more than half a step outside the distance of the jab and when he worked inside, his punches were delivered hurtfully and at lightning speed.

The way that Sims parried shots with his arms and gloves is what drew the comparison with a peak James "Lights Out" Toney. These fighters are at a great advantage because they are able to throw their counters without the need to roll or slip. Not your average skillset.

Callum Smith would have a tough night with Sims Jnr right now, but the experience, physical advantages and maturity lye with the Liverpudlian World #1 at this stage. It will take another year to 18 months before Sims has gained these attributes. So, what would be the right opponents to get Sims to this level?

John Ryder
Artur Abraham
Fedor Chudinov
Caleb Truax
Jose Uzcatequi

These guys have the experience and toughness to test anyone. Wins over Truax and Uzcatequi would place Sims in the top 5 of any of the sanctioning bodies. These four fights or names of similar stature will be enough to get Sims Jnr ready for World honours.

I'm going to stick my neck out and say that Anthony Sims Jnr will not only win a World Super-middleweight title but he will move up in weight and become a Superstar of boxing.