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Shakur Stevenson :: Lifetime Ban?

Posted: 04-04-2019
Author: Andy Farr

News that Olympic Silver medallist Shakur Stevenson was arrested July 1st 2018 for misdemeanour battery after being involved in a fight at a Miami Beach car park has sparked outrage on social media.



The accompanying video appears to show Stevenson and fellow professional boxer David Grayton assault both a man and women in a cowardly attack that shames boxing in the worst way possible.

The case is due to be heard on June 10th 2019.

Stevenson has a scheduled 10 round bout at Madison Square Garden against world-ranked Puerto Rican Christopher Diaz (24-1-0) on 20th April.
Stevenson (10-0-0) is also world-ranked:
WBC: No 6
WBA: No 3
IBF: No 8
WBO: No 6

Of course, Floyd Mayweather has been accused of assaulting at least one female, but no photographic or video evidence has ever materialised allowing him to continue with his career.

He did spend 90 days in prison in 2012 for a misdemeanour relating to domestic abuse. He said he was only guilty of "restraining".

Maybe the estimated $1 billion net worth that is attributed to Mayweather made a longer sentence unpalatable to the powers that be.
Stevenson should not be so lucky, but I fear that he too has a big financial future and his management will do everything in their power to keep their gravy train on course to the big money.

If the video is what it appears to be, then a lifetime ban should be the punishment for both Stevenson and Grayton. No one should get away with this kind of behaviour, especially a man that trains to fight every working day of his life.


Video attribute: The Fumble