Boxing only is just what it says. I won’t be discussing politics or anything else to do with ordinary life. I will only talk boxing. I have been a boxing fan since the age of eight when Muhammad Ali captured my attention in a way that no other entertainer could. The four kings: Leonard, Duran, Hagler and Hearns followed and I knew by the early eighties that my love affair with boxing was for life.

I’ve read countless boxing articles and books and watched a huge number of fights. My appetite for boxing in insatiable. I also boxed myself and went on to co-train a couple of decent heavyweights, the more successful was Henry Akinwande who went on to win the WBO title and met Lennox Lewis for the WBC version.

This next bit comprises 2 lists of my favourite boxers and my favourite fights. Self-indulgent, I know, but here goes anyway.

10 Favourite boxers:

Sugar Ray Leonard
Muhammad Ali
Mike Tyson
Manny Pacquiao
Marco Antonio Barrera
Marvin Hagler
Roberto Duran
Roy Jones Jnr
Oscar De La Hoya
Thomas Hearns

10 Favourite Fights:

Leonard vs Hearns
Gatti vs Ward I
Castillo vs Corrales
Chavez vs Taylor
Bowe vs Holyfield I
Hagler vs Hearns
Barrera vs Morales I
Pryor vs Arguello I
Holmes vs Norton
Leonard vs Hagler

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